DigiCert Partner Program Eligibility

DigiCert is committed to developing a best-in-class partner community. All of our partners share common values, including:


trusted, recognized Security leadership

Experience Trust. DigiCert's partner community welcomes partners who have developed a strong brand within their operational region.

Strong growth & services orientation

Seize the Opportunity. DigiCert brings partners together that seek growth, margin, and exceptional service delivery.

Proven Marketing & Sales Abilities

Develop your Destiny. DigiCert partners are focused on developing and executing on high-value opportunities, backed with DigiCert solutions and support.

Support for End-Customer Relationships

Direct Access. DigiCert's program is optimized for partners that are working directly with IS and IT decision-makers and influencers.

DigiCert solutions go into every deal we propose. I know the customer can trust the solution, and I can trust the partnership.

— DigiCert Partner

Membership Benefits

There are exclusive benefits available when joining our partner program.


Significant Discounts & Guaranteed Margins

DigiCert, partners, and end-customers win every time with DigiCert's deep discounts and guaranteed partner margins. 

deal registration & protected Renewals

Fast, automated deal registration, deal tracking, and renewal protection keep our focus on our customers and their security.

Sales & marketing Enablement Tools

Proven sales and marketing resources to develop and support opportunities mean you always have the best solutions for your customers' needs.

PKI University: Training & Certification by DigiCert

All partners have access to PKI University to hone security sales and technical skills, understand and communicate the value of PKI, and maximize value for every customer.

Yes, I Want to Apply!

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