DigiCert Partner Program Eligibility

DigiCert is committed to developing a best-in-class partner community. All of our partners share common values, including:


trusted, recognized Security leadership

Experience Trust. DigiCert's partner community welcomes partners who have developed a strong brand within their operational region.

Strong growth & services orientation

Seize the Opportunity. DigiCert brings partners together that seek growth, margin, and exceptional service delivery.

Proven Marketing & Sales Abilities

Develop your Destiny. DigiCert partners are focused on developing and executing on high-value opportunities, backed with DigiCert solutions and support.

Support for End-Customer Relationships

Direct Access. DigiCert's program is optimized for partners that are working directly with IS and IT decision-makers and influencers.

DigiCert solutions go into every deal we propose. I know the customer can trust the solution, and I can trust the partnership.

— DigiCert Partner

Membership Benefits

There are exclusive benefits available when joining our partner program.


Significant Discounts & Guaranteed Margins

DigiCert, partners, and end-customers win every time with DigiCert's deep discounts and guaranteed partner margins. 

deal registration & protected Renewals

Fast, automated deal registration, deal tracking, and renewal protection keep our focus on our customers and their security.

Sales & marketing Enablement Tools

Proven sales and marketing resources to develop and support opportunities mean you always have the best solutions for your customers' needs.

Sales & Technical Training & Certification

All partners buld sales & technical capabilities with DigiCert's training platforms to drive partner success across the entire Digital Trust portfolio

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